חץ ירוק לצד שמאל למעלה

A scholarship that combines meaningful work with a young and dynamic environment!

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Educating for Excellence collaborates with foundations, academic institutions and private organizations to provide students with scholarships. Our scholarship provides college students with an opportunity to serve as an instructor for children ages 8-18, as part of a nationwide program that promotes excellence throughout 55 Excellence Centers during the afternoon hours.

What it's like to have a scholarship at E4E

Nur Dasuki

Director of the Jaffa Academic Center and an E4E alumni

חץ ירוק לצד שמאל למעלה

What does the scholarship include?

Professional instruction on E4E content – pre-college courses, tutoring, empowerment programs, and personal and professional development


Acquiring a rich and diverse toolkit that will expand your knowledge of formal and non-formal teaching.


Professional, Year-Round Guidance

An opportunity to mentor – program participants at our Excellence Centers.

An opportunity to make new connections in a community social circle in a high quality, pleasant environment

חץ ירוק לצד שמאל למעלה

Scholarship Conditions

  • Scholarships are granted for one year and require 130-160 hours of instruction, depending on the terms of the scholarship.
  • Scholarships can be acquired during any year of an academic degree, at the end of the first and second semesters, in compliance with the scholarship’s terms.
  • Instruction Timeframe: October to July
  • There’s an option to earn an extra scholarship fee during the summer months.
חץ ירוק לצד שמאל למעלה

Who Are We Looking for?

Students who study in an academic institution that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (a must)

Instruction and/or education experience with an for to the social and educational fields.



*Some institutions allow students to fulfill the internship requirements of their degree by serving as an E4E instructor.
*Some institutions allow students to convert their E4E activities to academic credits.

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