פס ירוק מסולסל
חץ ירוק לצד שמאל למעלה

At Educating for Excellence, we have worked tirelessly since 2001 to challenge the assumption that a child’s place of birth will determine their future.

Our Impact

Educating for Excellence for Children From Underserved Communities

Approx. 1,000,000 Israeli children and youth live below the poverty line. E4E strives to reduce Israel’s social gaps by creating equal opportunities and promoting social mobility for children, youth and young adults with the potential for excellence.

E4E accompanies program participants, until they become active, involved and contributing citizens. This is achieved via the Educational Excellence Program for schoolchildren, the College Student Instructors Program and the Job Market Integration Program for degree holders.


E4E guides its participants from age 8 to 28, implementing a holistic approach to achieve triple impact:
• Enabling children and young adults from underserved communities to reach their full potential.
• Empowering our beneficiaries to become social leaders and change agents.
• Impacting Israel’s human capital and strengthening its socioeconomic resilience.

Over the past 20 years, E4E has impacted 84,800 beneficiaries:
14,100 Participants
6,500 College Student Instructors
6,740 Volunteers
57,460 Indirect beneficiaries – Family Members, Classmates and Teachers


E4E strives to ensure the future of every child living in underserved communities, by collaborating with the government, philanthropic organizations-
and businesses.