Educating for Excellence
Educating for Excellence

Educating for Excellence invites volunteers in all areas to take part in fulfilling and enriching programming with Israeli children seeking to excel
Any creative volunteer initiative is welcome!

The Educating for Excellence volunteer programs are suitable for individuals or companies.


Learning Reinforcement


  • Requires a “once every two weeks” commitment (at least), at a regular day and hour, for a two hour session.
  • Individual math, English or language skills lesson administered to E4E center pupils.
  •   Possibility for 1:1 or small group reinforcement.

Enrichment Classes

  • Requires a “once-a-week” commitment, at a regular day and hour, for one hour.
  • Ideal for individuals with instruction skills who nurture a hobby that may be of interest to the pupils.
  • Establishment of enrichment courses in topics such as: sport, dance, internet, cooking, martial arts and finance.


  • Guidance and specific advisory services to an E4E graduate (over 18 years old) or E4E HQ staff for a designated or ongoing time period. 
  • Requires experience and knowledge in the specific field of guidance.
  • Guidance can be administered via personal meetings, phone sessions or email.

Student and/or Parent Enrichment

 A one-time 45-90 minute lecture, or a multi-meeting workshop for pupils and/or parents. Lectures in various topics such as: business establishment, smart home economics, parental relationships with adolescent children.

Trips and Peak Days

  •  Helping out during one or more educational and fun Peak Days.
  • Example of events: beginning-of-year event, holiday parties, community outreach events, one and two-day field trips throughout Israel.

  • Ideal for individuals wishing to commit to short-term events. 
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