Educating for Excellence
Educating for Excellence

Working with elementary to high school students, conducting dynamic,
hands-on and exciting learning sessions.
Educational tutoring and mentoring and leading toward personal excellence within a structured and professional program.

What do the Student-Counselors do?

Elementary school – Teach mathematics, language skills and English.

High School – Pre-university (college-level) courses in various disciplines.

Enrichment courses and workshops in various fields – Field trips, art, sports and more.

Tutoring sessions in small groups – Grammar, mathematics, English, Hebrew, Arabic, literature and more. In high school – Preparing for matriculation exams.

Conducting parental workshops on various topics of interest.

Accompanying community volunteer projects and conducting empowerment classes.


We welcome students from recognized academic institutions (accredited by the Council for Higher Education), studying toward an academic degree.

We are seeking student-counselors, with teaching/counselling experience (not necessarily in a formal institution) and with a good rapport for working with children and youths.

Scholarships are granted to university students who dedicate 4 weekly hours of training during the academic year (excluding summer activities) in one of E4E’s centers.

Student scholarships are granted for active participation in one of the organization’s centers.

E4E grants scholarships on its own in addition to those granted in cooperation with academic institutions throughout Israel, scholarship funds and various associations.


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