Educating for Excellence
הצטרפו אלינו

Educating for Excellence Alumni /

Educating for Excellence’s Graduate Program accompanies our graduates after they’ve completed E4E’s educational program at the end of 12th grade.

The Graduate Program provides a personal support package, tailored to the graduates’ needs, and invests considerable resources in ensuring that each and every one of our graduates is able to reach their full potential.

The program supports E4E graduates in various stages of their lives:

> Integration into meaningful positions in the military or national service.

> Scholarships for Psychometric studies (SAT equivalent).

> Educational counseling and assistance in perusing academic studies.

> Career counseling, community involvement opportunities, etc.


Graduates’ Achievements

High School Matriculation Entitlement | 97% of E4E graduates are eligible for a full matriculation (Bagrut) certificate.

Matriculation Scores | 77% of E4E graduates take the high-level math matriculation exam.

Army and National Service Recruitment | 96% of E4E graduates (candidates for security service) serve in the IDF or in national service.

Academic Studies | E4E graduates study in leading academic institutions.

Employment | E4E graduates work in a wide variety of positions within leading Israeli companies.

Social Involvement | E4E graduates are involved and contributing citizens who care about Israeli society, and some volunteer as students-instructors at E4E’s centers.

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