Educating for Excellence
Educating for Excellence

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Impacting the Leaders of Tomorrow, One Child at a Time
The success of our program:

  • E4E alumni’s matriculation exam score average is 95 and above.
  • Based on results derived from the 2012 standardized tests, E4E students obtain grades 10 points higher than the national average (comparable with leading schools in Israel).
  • Educating for Excellence won the ‘2017 Presidential Award for Volunteerism’ for its endeavor for reducing socio-economic gaps and promoting social mobility, by creating an equal opportunity for success for children with potential for excellence, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Educating for Excellence won The ‘2017 Ben Gurion Award’ for its long-term activity in the field of education, which helps realize the vision and legacy of David Ben-Gurion.
  • Educating for Excellence won the ‘2012 Social Distinction Award‘ for its dedication to children in Israeli society, promotion of excellence in education, and far-reaching efforts to reduce socio-economic gaps in Israeli society.
  • One of our 10th grade students won the 2011 Dan David Youth Award for her essay entitled “My Hero” (which she wrote about her experience in Educating for Excellence).
  • Educating for Excellence students win prestigious national competitions:
    A student from the E4E center in Tira won first place in the national mathematics competition for the Arab sector.
Alumni (~350)
  • > Placed in elite units and positions       in the army or national service>Attend leading academic                institutions in Israel
  • Alumni:
    >Work in a wide variety of positions      within the Israeli job market
    >Involved and contributing citizens        who care about Israeli society
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